" I have been seeing Dr. Jensen for 2 months. I was in a lot of pain, yet still very skeptical about Chiropractic and Dr. J. I am happy to say that I was dead WRONG. Dr. Jensen diagnosed my problem quickly, and began to striaghten me out - literally! His hands have worked magic on my legs and feet. I am now pain free, I can climb stairs, step over step at a normal pace. I don't limp. What difference in my self-image and energy! My thanks and praise goes to Dr. J afor his professionalism, his personalize attention to me and my needs. He is the best."

-Gail W.

" In May of 2003 I began experiencing a lot of pain in my elbow, near my triceps. I had followed my doctor's directions of rest, and ice for eight weeks. After three months it was still no better. One day I stumbled across the ART website and found Dr. Jensen's name on the provider's list. I made an appointment. The day of my appointment, Dr. Jensens spent two hours talking about my symptoms, taking x-rays, and he diagnosed me that day! After six weeks of of treatments the pain was gone! I was able to resume to my regular schedule ( attending weekly apointments for adjustments). I am very grateful for Dr. Jensen . i feel like a new person!"

-Krysten C.