The nutraMetrix line of supplements are isotonic-capable supplements which are simply the most effective means of delivering the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients the body needs daily. Unlike traditional tablets that must first dissolve in the stomach before absorption can begin, isotonic supplements do not require digestion. Isotonic nutrients pass quickly through the stomach and are absorbed efficiently via the small intestine. So instead of waiting some 40 minutes for digestion and dilution from stomach acid juices to occur, nutraMetrix supplements are absorbed rapidly, providing you with the full benefits of the supplement quickly for maximum results.

There are a variety of product lists and categories in the nutraMetrix line.

  • Multivitamins: helps to support a health immune system and strong bones, normal blood pressure and health skin.

  • Heart Health: clinically demonstrated to promote cardiovascular health and help maintain healthy cholesterol.

  • OPCs: potent antioxidants that promote cardiovascular and joint health and help to maintain healthy blood glucose levels while demonstrating anti-inflammatory activity.

  • Bone and Joint Health: promotes the normal regeneration of healthy cartilage and helps joints to maintain their normal flexibility.

  • Blood Glucose Maintenance: helps with weight gain and the fluctuating blood glucose levels associate with weight gain in order that health blood sugar levels can be maintained to promote weight loss.

These are just a few of the many regimens nutraMetrix offers. Others include:

  • Digestive Health for cleansing and detoxification

  • Mind and Energy to enhance memory and cognitive function

  • Skin Health to support a health complexion

  • Female Support to assist with PMS and menopause

  • Male Support to promote prostate health

  • Vision Health to promote healthy vision

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Juice Plus

Medical research also suggests that getting nutrients from whole food sources-fruits and vegetables-is much better than supplementing the diet with specific, isolated vitamins. Largely as a result of our poor diets, Americans suffer a higher incidence of degenerative diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Taking Juice Plus+ capsules every day is an easy and inexpensive way to add nutrition from a wide variety of different fruits, vegetables, and grains to your diet. Juice Plus+ contains the nutritional essence of 17 different raw fruits, vegetables, and grains and is made from the freshest, highest quality fruits and vegetables. Juice Plus+ actually offers a key advantage over eating fresh, raw fruits and vegetables: almost all of the salt, sugar and calories are eliminated from Juice Plus+ when the juice is reduced to powder. Think of it as getting most of the "good" stuff without a lot of the "bad."

There is no substitute for eating a wide variety of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. But if you are like most people, you don't do that. This is why you need to develop the Juice Plus+ habit. It is an easy way to get started down the road to better health.

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