" I have been seeing Dr. Jensen for 2 months. I was in a lot of pain, yet still very skeptical about Chiropractic and Dr. J. I am happy to say that I was dead WRONG. Dr. Jensen diagnosed my problem quickly, and began to striaghten me out - literally! His hands have worked magic on my legs and feet. I am now pain free, I can climb stairs, step over step at a normal pace. I don't limp. What difference in my self-image and energy! My thanks and praise goes to Dr. J afor his professionalism, his personalize attention to me and my needs. He is the best."

-Gail W.

" In May of 2003 I began experiencing a lot of pain in my elbow, near my triceps. I had followed my doctor's directions of rest, and ice for eight weeks. After three months it was still no better. One day I stumbled across the ART website and found Dr. Jensen's name on the provider's list. I made an appointment. The day of my appointment, Dr. Jensens spent two hours talking about my symptoms, taking x-rays, and he diagnosed me that day! After six weeks of of treatments the pain was gone! I was able to resume to my regular schedule ( attending weekly apointments for adjustments). I am very grateful for Dr. Jensen . i feel like a new person!"

-Krysten C.

August 2020
"After almost 20 years of on and off chiropractic care from a different specialist, I decided to get a second opinion for an injury and some other issues I have been battling with. I was hesitant because I'm a pretty loyal person and transitioning to a new practice felt almost wrong! But with little progress being made, I knew a second opinion couldn't hurt, so I went ahead and called Dr. Jensen, who was recommended by a friend. The phone call alone was more thorough than any recent appointment I had had. I happened to catch him in between patients so he was the one who scheduled my first appointment. He made sure to find a slot that would be an adequate amount of time to spend getting to the root of my problems. After weeks of being in constant pain, discomfort and feeling discouraged with such slow progress in my previous treatment, I left my first evaluation/exam feeling filled with hope. Dr. Jensen offers several different types of treatment (current and traditional) and has the option of scanning (by x-ray) right in his office, which was able to reveal some unknown things and confirm others. Throughout each appointment, an explanation is given while Dr. Jensen works his way through each stretch, adjustment and muscle therapy treatments. He's been working with me now for a few weeks and the progress has been forward moving each time. I'm back to walking, moving and sleeping like a normal person! Not only has this been a medically great experience, but he and his staff are have been a pleasure to be around as well; a very relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. It genuinely is family oriented and suited for all ages. I've already recommend his practice to my family and friends but my continued positive experiences prompted me to share with others! If you're in pain or want/need regular chiropractic care , I would highly recommend Wilmington Family Chiropractic."

-Krista S.

December 2020
"I have been seeing Dr. Jensen now for the last 5 months. Currently I am doing decompression therapy. Prior to going at Wilmington Chiropractic, I had visited 6 Chiropractors. I can say none of them met the standards from my experience with Dr. Jensen. He is detail oriented and his approach matches the issue at hand. Once you get to know him, he is very passionate about what he does. He cares for his clients with such a heart of compassion and I love the way he takes his time during his treatments. He has patience of a saint. I have recommended 3 of my friends and they can attest to having received the best treatments. All their issues were alleviated. I am in a place where I can say so far I have received the best treatments. All my pains are gone!! Thank you Doc for all you do!!"

-Sally M.